Whether you are looking for a one-stop-shop that can handle all of your production needs or a skilled professional to fill a need in your production. Our team will work with you to produce a project that will exceed your expectations.

Full Service and Production Crews

Plumgood directs, produces, shoots, writes, edits, lights

Short Films
Music Videos
Feature Films
Corporate Videos

Special Services provided:

Director of Photography
HD Video Crews
2nd Unit Camera



Plumgood Productions also hosts production workshops yearly and provides private instructions for individuals who want a concentrated study in video and film production.

RED Digital Cinema

Over the last few years, the industry has brought us a flurry of changes in camera sizes, sensor sizes, and codecs, but our art of lighting and composition still remain as key elements in providing you with beautiful looking digital images. We make a point of getting it right in the field which gives the client and post production staff one less thing to worry about.

In 2012 we took the leap into 4K acquisition with the purchase of a RED digital cinema camera and it's ability to shoot in the RAW format. The RAW format allows you to have more image flexibility and creativity in the post production process.

Shooting with our RED Scarlet, helps us to produce some of the cleanest images imaginable and it has quickly become a valuable tool in our arsenal. The work captured with this camera provides the client with footage in a format that will not be outdated for many years to come.

Camera LrgRed Sensor Sizes up to 4K