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Before the Memories Fade: Voices from the Civil Rights Movement

Before Memories Fade

Plumgood Productions is currently in production on the documentary film, Before the Memories Fade: Voices from the Civil Rights Movement, written and directed by documentary filmmaker Keith B. Plummer.

The film brings together a series of first-hand accounts from several icons of the Civil Rights Movement. It also focuses on some of the lesser known stories from various “foot-soldiers” of the movement who tell of their involvement in the 1950’s and 60’s. These interviews contain unique insights, contributions, highs, and lows of this period of epic change in American society.

Plummer is traveling throughout the United States gathering interviews, learning, and sharing the stories told by these brave Americans.

The feature length film was shot in High Definition and will be released in 2013.

"The Man Who Ran The Planet," The John Mitchell Jr. Story

John Mitchell

Keith is currently Directing a 30 minute documentary based in Richmond, Virginia.

The movie is titled The Man Who Ran The Planet, The John Mitchell Jr. Story. It is a documentary about one of the most powerful Black Americans at the turn-of the-century. John Mitchell, Jr., was the editor of the Richmond Planet newspaper and made it one of the most respected papers of its day. He also owned and ran a bank, bought a posh movie theater, and was the first Black man to run for Governor in the state of Virginia. Despite all of these accomplishments, Mitchell is little known outside of Richmond, Virginia, and left out of the history books. The movie examines Mitchell's life and his accomplishments.

Keith, along with Co-Producer Kimberly J. Wilson, a Richmond native and Mitchell relative, are still collecting rare elements for this film. It is currently in production.

Restoring Honor, The Case of Chaplain Plummer

Restoring Honor

This film tells the story of Henry Vinton Plummer, a Maryland slave who was appointed the first African American Chaplain in the regular Army. Chaplain Plummer’s appointment was equivalent to the rank of Captain and, as to be expected at that time in American history, created internal conflict within the Army’s white officer ranks. This strife, in combination with a disgruntled African American enlisted man’s questionable accusations, led Chaplain Plummer to face the charge of “Conduct Unbecoming an Officer and a Gentleman.” After a suspect court martial, Chaplain Plummer was dishonorably discharged in 1894.

Over one hundred years later, the film recounts the dedicated efforts of The Committee to Clear Chaplain Plummer, which is led by Committee President Reverend L. Jerome Fowler, who is also Chaplain Plummer’s great nephew. Composed of family, clergy, historians, scholars, and retired military personnel, The Committee waged a four-year legal and PR campaign to convince the Army to reinstate Chaplain Plummer and clear his name. The Committee worked tirelessly to research the case and garner support from public leaders and noted officials, including Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich and the Maryland House and Senate.

The film was directed by Keith. All filming occurred in Maryland. The DVD version of the film was completed in May 2005 and runs 43 minutes.

Silver Telly Award, Platinum Aurora Award, Multiple Festival Selections.

The Legacy of Adam Francis Plummer

Legacy Of Adam Plummer

This documentary focuses on Adam Francis Plummer, a self-taught Maryland slave, who wrote a diary that was discovered and donated by one of his descendants to the Smithsonian Institution. The diary was researched and investigated in preparation for its restoration and exhibition. The diary's immediate legacy is a book based on the entries in the diary and written by Plummer's daughter, Nellie Plummer. The book unites previously disconnected family members.

For more on Adam Francis Plummer go to:
This short film was written and directed by Keith and was filmed in Maryland.

2004 Telly Award, Multiple Festival Selections

Fictional Films

The Truth

The Truth

A suspicious husband kidnaps his wife and her movie star acquaintance and forcibly questions them in an abandoned warehouse in an desperate attempt to get one of them to confess the truth about an affair.

  • Long Island Film Festival Finalist (Short)
  • 10 minutes
  • 16mm
  • Released: 1997



A black surgeon's son is murdered by a group of white supremacists. The murderer loses his memory in a car accident and unwittingly becomes friends with the surgeon during his recovery. With no progression in the patient's memory, the doctor lets his new found friend stay with him. Everything is fine until the supremacist gets his memory back and it all comes to a head.

  • Feature Film
  • 90 minutes
  • Super 16mm
  • Released: 1999

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Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation

Athens Heritage

Plumgood Productions was chosen to produce a series of informational pieces in 2011 to help promote the non-profit organization, Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation. The foundation serves as a proactive force in developing community-wide understanding of the value of historic buildings, neighborhoods, and heritage in Athens, Georgia.

University of Kentucky Bioethics Program

U Kentucky

In 2007 Plumgood Productions was selected to produce a series of modules on Bioethics for the University of Kentucky Bioethics Program. The program is used instead of a classroom professor to teach medical interns how they should react in confusing situations. Modules were produced from 2007 until 2011. The program is now part of the Bioethics program's regular curriculum.

Appalred Legal Aid


In 2008 Plumgood Productions was selected to direct and produce a 7 minute corporate fund raising piece for Appalred Legal Aid of Kentucky. Appalred is a non-profit organization that provides free civil legal help to low income people in 37 counties in Eastern Kentucky.