At our core, we are a boutique-styled motion picture company focused on the creation and production of high-quality content for our clients. We bring more than 25 years of production and broadcast experience to the table and offer personal and professional service tailored to your vision. Clients have trusted us to produce a wide range of projects, from feature length documentaries and fictional films to exclusive presidential coverage along with producing a variety of commercial and corporate pieces.

Plumgood Production's goal is to always bring the highest production value to your project no matter what stage of the production process you are in. We love what we do and truly enjoy the challenge of telling each story and capturing each event in a unique way.

The client comes first and we exhaust every effort to help your project reach its full potential. Our clients say we are dependable, skilled, and highly creative. We say we handle each project as something we can put our stamp on.




Keith Plummer

Keith B. Plummer founded Plumgood Productions in August, 2002. He is a highly respected director / cinematographer / editor who has won numerous awards and has become nationally recognized for producing documentaries that rediscover important African American history that's all but forgotten in modern times.

Keith discovered his passion for photography and filmmaking at an early age. This strong interest helped Keith develop an eye for pictures that has taken him on assignments across the world. He worked 9 years as Chief Photographer for a Washington D.C. television news bureau. From filming Presidents at the White House to shooting Heads of States around the globe, and covering natural disasters, Keith's ability to capture and convey the moment helped to create a name for himself in the broadcast industry.

As a filmmaker, Keith's work has been aired on PBS stations, national news, national museums, movie theaters and online.

With over 27 years of production, news and technical experience, Keith can handle just about any project, whether large or small and regardless of format.

Keith Directing